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Context of the Intervention includes measures that assess the set of circumstances encompassing the intervention or healing experience, such as the patient-provider relationship. Contextual issues, although not outcomes per se, may impact the healing experience and thus patient outcomes
Process of the intervention includes measures that assess factors related to the process of healing and personal transformation, such as learning, personal growth and enablement. Although not an outcome per se, process related factors may have an effect on patient outcomes.
Holistic includes measures that assess outcomes on a global level and encompasses each of the other domains in this database simultaneously. Holistic outcomes are greater than the sum of their component parts.
Health-related quality of life includes measures that assess quality of life, which is a difficult concept to define. For the purpose of this database we define quality of life outcome measures as those that assess any two of physical, psychological, social or spiritual outcomes. If an outcome measure is labeled as "quality of life" but only addresses one of these domains it can be found within the relevant domain.
Spiritual includes measures that assess outcomes related to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical self.
Psychological includes measures that assess outcomes related to the mind, emotions or other mental phenomena.
Physical includes measures that assess outcomes related to the body, as distinguished from the mind or spirit.
Social includes measures that assess outcomes related to the life and relations of humans in their community. Measures that assess spiritual behaviour, but not spiritual beliefs, are included in this domain.
Individualized includes measures that assess outcomes as identified by the individual patient or research participant. While these can assess the content of the outcomes in any of the other domains, this domain captures the specific nature of each individual's specific symptoms or goals.


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