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Welcome to the MT_SIG
  Advancing research and research informed practice of massage. 
Who we are:
The Massage Therapy SIG (MT SIG) is a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds working collaboratively to advance research and research informed massage therapy practice.
Members of the MT SIG are members of ISCMR and are: practitioners, educators, researchers, policy makers and administrators. Made up of topic-specific working groups, each working group defines the scope and context of its activities and is accountable to the MT SIG as a whole.

All members of the MT SIG are respected professionally and welcome to participate regardless of political or professional affiliation outside of ISCMR. All members agree to participate in supporting and producing high quality research that relates to the application of massage by licensed massage therapists (in regulated and unregulated environments). 


The MT SIG evolved out of a workshop held at the 2012 INCAM Research Symposium.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together various MT stakeholders to develop an action oriented MT SIG that will carry out activities aimed to support research–informed MT practices across Canada. An underlying principle of the MT SIG is to facilitate effective application of human and fiscal resources, to accelerate the development of MT as a research-informed health care profession across Canada.

The objectives of the inaugural workshop were to: 1) determine the interest in forming such a group and 2) to identify topic areas that would be addressed by this group at this time.

  • The workshop abstract: click here
  • The outcomes of the workshop and plan of action are summarized here: click here

Current Massage Therapy SIG Working Group

The inaugural workshop resulted in the identification of two projects:
Project 1: Identifying capital—human, financial, technological—to support and continue the development of the MT research in the Canadian context (in both regulated and non-regulated provinces and territories). For more information about Project 1, click here
Project 2: Development of research competencies and performance indicators for massage therapy for entry into practice in regulated provinces and territories. For more information about Project 2, click here


The MT SIG project 1 is supported through generous donation from:


Join the MT SIG
If you are interested in joining the MT SIG, contact the group lead:
Ania Kania-Richmond  at