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Purchase Your Membership

For individual memberships, follow the steps below to purchase your membership:

1. Select membership type below, based on your primary country of work.
2. Click submit and pay membership fees (in USD)
3. If you are renewing your membership, please also log in and update your membership information (contact, current interests, etc.).

Once payment has been received, you will receive a receipt via email.

PLEASE NOTE: Your annual membership is due for renewal one year from date that you last paid your fees (or three years if you chose that option).
You will receive reminder emails close to the date to ensure your membership remains active.

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For all individual memberships, please select a membership type below. Membership fees are in USD.

To encourage international participation, members’ fees will be based on their primary country of work. The country categories are high, upper middle, and a combined lower-middle and low according to the World Bank economic rankings of countries. (Please review that link if you are not sure.) You are expected to select the correct income category. If you select any category other than "high income" you may be asked for proof of your status. Failure to complete appropriate payment may forfeit your membership and paid fees.

All categories are regular membership, other than "Student", which comprises the Student membership category.
"Reduced fee" is for low-income members in high income countries.