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The Canadian CAM Research Fund (CCRF)is a research funding competition that was launched in September 2009, and was supported by Dr. Marja Verhoef, recipient of the 2011 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in CAM. The CCRF is organized and administered by INCAM and open to INCAM members. Grants of up to $5000 are awarded to the research project proposals identified through a rigorous peer review process.

CCRF 2020

INCAM is pleased to announce the call for submissions to the 2020 CCRF competition:
Deadline EXTENDED: to June 15, 2020, 11:59 pm
CCRF Forms and Guidelines for Eligibility are available at

For more information, please contact Kieran Cooley at

Learn more about past CCRF Winners


Are you interested in sponsoring a CCRF grant?
You may specify criteria (pending approval) to be connected with your CCRF grant sponsorship. For example, a specific condition or a specific intervention.

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Kieran Cooley at

CCRF Details

Background - About the CCRF:

The CCRF grant competition is an annual CAM funding competition. Invitations for submission of research proposals will be announced in the fall and deadline for applications will be in January/February. Grant recipients will be announced approximately 3 months after the proposal submission deadline.

Purpose and research priorities:

The primary goal of the CCRF is to increase and enhance CAM research capacity in Canada by supporting and funding relevant and high caliber studies that are in line with at least one of the following research priorities:

  1. Effectiveness and/or safety of CAM interventions (products, independent modalities and practices)*
  2. Evaluation of health care delivery models that incorporate CAM
  3. Development and evaluation/assessment of CAM specific policies in the context of health care delivery in Canada
  4. Effectiveness and/or usefulness of knowledge translation activities related to CAM information dissemination (to public, practitioners, etc.)

* For the purposes of the CCRF funding competition. studies on modalities, practices, therapies, and systems of care categorized as complementary, alternative and integrative medicine will be considered. The proposed study must directly aim to assess, evaluate, examine, and/or test such an intervention.


  1. Canadian INCAM members only (Canadian ISCMR members). To become an INCAM member, please visit: become a member
  2. Established Canadian researchers affiliated with academic institutions in Canada.
  3. New researchers and research trainees in the CAM field who are completing MSc and PhD level thesis projects at a Canadian university and are under the supervision of researcher at an academic institution which can administer the funds on their behalf.
  4. CAM practitioners who are working with an established researcher or a research trainee at an academic institution which can administer the funds on their behalf.
  5. Individuals who do not hold any outstanding CCRF grants (which they are in the progress of completing. This includes Principal applicants and Co-applicants). 
  6. In vitro and animal (non-human) studies are not eligible. 

**Priority will be given to projects that that are based on collaborative relationships: between CAM practitioners and researchers or across disciplines.

Review Process:

All applications will undergo a rigorous peer review process. All submitted proposals are first screened by the Internal Review Committee to ensure the basic criteria are met. These include: word count, overall grammar and use of appropriate language, overall quality of the study, and alignment with the stated research priorities. All submissions that pass the initial screening process are then reviewed independently by an external reviewer. Each proposal is reviewed by two external reviewers. External reviewers are selected based on a match with content and/or methodological expertise. External reviewers complete the CCRF Review and Ranking Form and submit it to the CCRF Administrator (Teresa Tsui). All reviews are then organized based on ranking. Submission rated as "fundable" are considered for funding. Decisions are based on a combined ranking score and specific feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses of the study. 

All applicants receive constructive feedback and guidance, based on the feedback from external reviewers, for improvement wherever possible.