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Creating a new SIG

Are you interested in creating a Special Interest Group?

Only members can submit requests to form a new SIG. If you are interested in creating and/or developing an Special Interest Group, complete the Special Interest Group Proposal Form. Once completed, submit the Proposal Form by emailto:

ISCMR Special Interest Group:

INCAM Special Interest Group:  

All Proposal Forms will be reviewed by the ISCMR or Chapter Executive. You will receive a response to your proposal with a final decision within 4 weeks of submitting the Proposal Form.

For ISCMR Members

To download the Special Interest Group Application Form, click HERE.


THE DETAILS: ISCMR or the Chapter will support SIGs in the following ways:

  • Work with the SIG Chair to create and maintain the webpage(s) dedicated to your SIG
  • Provision of an ISCMR email address specific to your SIG
  • Assist in developing and organizing of your SIG
  • Provide assistance to facilitate the organization and hosting of SIG meetings, events, or activities.

Requirements of all SIGs:

  • All members of a SIG have to be an ISCMR members; Chapter SIGs are additionally limited to members of their parent chapters
  • Any ISCMR member is able to join an ISCMR SIG, aside from the Chapter limitation. Or at least be able to connect and see if they'd like to join.
  • The designated SIG Chairs will be responsible for communicating with the ISCMR or Chapter executives regarding the SIG.
  • SIGs are encouraged to be involved in some capacity in all local and international ISCMR or Chapter gatherings. This may include organizing a workshop, plenary session or a pre-symposium event or hosting a meeting and greet, as well as a face-to-face planning meeting for members. 

lf you have any questions about how to create or set up an SIG, please contact the ISCMR Secretary: