Researchers of Traditional, Complementary, Alternative, & Integrative Medicine and Health

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ISCMR is an international multidisciplinary scientific organization established to foster the development and dissemination of new knowledge regarding whole person healing and whole systems healthcare research, including all traditional, holistic, alternative, complementary and integrative forms of medicine (TCAIM). It provides a platform for knowledge and information exchange of TCAIM research to enhance international communication and collaboration.


  1. Enhance communication and build collegial relations among researchers and practitioners interested in TCAIM research on a worldwide basis.
  2. Provide a voice in understanding the scope of the field of TCAIM and promoting excellence in its research.
  3. Provide and promote forums for presentation of peer-reviewed original TCAIM research.
  4. Provide and promote forums to develop knowledge in research methods relevant to the purpose of the Society.
  5. Collaborate with regional societies and professional organizations to further mutual goals.
  6. Form relationships with peer‑reviewed journals in the field of TCAIM.
  7. Engage in other activities consistent with the purpose.

Chapters and Special Interest Groups

Chapters are regions (multiple countries, a country, an area within a country) that have formed a Chapter within ISCMR. These are groups of members that want to work toward the goals of ISCMR, focused in their region.
Learn more about Chapters here: • PUBLIC information — • MEMBER information.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are collaborative groups within ISCMR, or within a Chapter focused on a particular topic of interest.
Learn more about SIGs here: •PUBLIC information — • MEMBER information, including application development forms


Executive Committee

President:   Ursula Wolf     Switzerland     2019–2021

President Elect:   Holger Cramer     Germany     2019-2021 (president: 2021-2023)

Secretary: Dennis Anheyer     Germany     2019-2020

Treasurer     Judi Fouladbakhsh     USA     2019-2021 


Board of Directors

Felicity Bishop     UK     2017–2020

Vincent Chung     Hong Kong     2018–2021

Rick Hecht    USA     2017–2020

Jennifer Hunter     Australia     2018–2021

Brenda Leung     Canada     2019-2022

Myeong Soo Lee     Korea     2019-2021

Antony Porcino—registration member     BC, Canada     2016—


Please use the Contact Us page for general inquiries, or to request board member contact information.
Members can sign in and use the Find a Member to get contact information. This change has been made to 
reduce abuse & harvesting of the BOD emails. 


Immediate Past President: Jian Ping Liu

Research Advisory Board: Chairs: Nicola Robinson & Jennifer Hunter 

Communications Committee: Chair: Antony Porcino

Nominations Committee: Co-chairs: Rick Hecht and Antony Porcino


ISCMR collaboration with the ICCMR

Baltimore, USA. In collaboration with the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health

Brisbane, AU. In collaboration with Endeavour College of Natural Health