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...the beginning

The Canadian Interdisciplinary Network for CAM Research, now the IN-CAM Research Network, was officially launched in January 2004. This unique Canadian initiative was founded by two of Canada’s leading CAM researchers, Dr Heather Boon and Dr. Marja Verhoef. They believed that a coordinated, interdisciplinary, collaborative effort was needed to address the many gaps that exist in CAM research.  They expected that a research network would provide the opportunity to foster dialogue and communication among CAM researchers, to pool resources, create and transfer CAM knowledge and awareness, and build research capacity.

Past Advisory Committee members:

John Crellin 
Memorial University
of Newfoundland

Pierre Haddad
Université de Montreal

Dennis O’Hara
University of Toronto

Trish Dryden
Centennial College

Merrijoy Kelner
University of Toronto

Sunita Vohra
University of Alberta

Sylvie Dodin
Université Laval

Anne Leis
University of Saskatchewan

Sandy Welsh
University of Toronto

Barb Findlay
Samueli Institute,USA

Silvano Mior
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

Mark Ware
McGill University

Founding and developing IN-CAM was supported by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR) five-year Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) grant, through a unique collaboration between Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate and CIHR.  IN-CAM was established in 2003. An Advisory Committee (chaired by Drs. Boon and Verhoef, who continue to co-direct IN-CAM) created a five-year strategic plan to guide IN-CAM’s development. IN-CAM is indebted to the commitment of the founding members and past Advisory Board members.

IN-CAM’s major activities have focused on building research capacity, developing research priorities and a research agenda, promoting knowledge transfer and linking with relevant networks, organizations, and educational institutions to develop partnerships that further the IN-CAM's objectives and goals.



This innovative Network has helped define a CAM research community in Canada. It has also served as a model for several other CAM networks and organization such as The Homeopathic Research Network of Canada (HomeoNet) and  the Pediatric Complementary and Alternative Medicine Network (PedCAM).

...moving forward

As 2014 marks IN-CAM's 10th anniversairy, in 2013, the IN-CAM Executive undertook an intensive strategic plan process to re-visit its position, need, and goals moving forward. The outcome of the process is reflected in the information provided in the About IN-CAM pages and in the new website.