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Announcing – the Naturopathy Special Interest Group

Calling individuals interested in becoming more involved in naturopathic medicine-related research or currently conducting research projects

We are pleased to announce:

A Naturopathy Special Interest Group (Naturopahy-SIG) within ISCMR.

Click HERE for information about the Naturopathy-SIG Case Report Competition


The Naturopathy-SIG is committed to:

1. Build research capacity amongst those interested in naturopathic medicine-related research.

2. Share resources in research methodology and research education.

3. Provide a forum for networking and research-related mentorship.


For more information on naturopathic medicine, the Naturopathy-SIG's objectives and activities, please click HERE.

To join the Naturopathy-SIG, you must be an ISCMR member.

To become an ISCMR member, click here:

To become a Naturopathy SIG member, please email the group co-leads:

Teresa Tsui or Kieran Cooley