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ISCMR Newsflash Febuary 2019



*** ISCMR Newsflash Febuary 2019 ***


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  1. ISCMR News
  2. ISCMR Chapter Updates 
  3. ISCMR Commitee Updates
  4. Journal Special Issue Calls for Submission
  5. Academic Job Postings in the TCAIM field
  6. TCAIM Research Conference Announcements
  7. Global Links to Developements in TCAIM
  8. Other applications

1. ISCMR News


               Hosting the 2021 ICCMR


ISCMR is an international scientific organization of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers that fosters Complementary and Integrative Medicine research and provides a platform for knowledge and information exchange to enhance international communication and collaboration.

One goal of ISCMR is to organize an annual International Conference on Complementary Medicine Research (ICCMR). The conference will usually take place in May and the conference venue will be shared between Asia, Europe and the US.

The local organizers of the ICCMR have the main responsibility. ISCMR members will have reduced fees and ISCMR will be represented in the Organizing Committee/program development, Scientific Board, and scientific review processes of the conference and provide information and reviewers for the scientific review process of the abstracts. Depending on the structure of the conference ISCMR will organize an ISCMR preconference workshop.


Application process (full SOP available here)

Applications should be sent to the ISCMR secretary (secretary(at) and should include the following information

  • Theme of the conference and description of the contents
  • Responsible organizations, including their track record of hosting similar events and financial background of the organization
  • Proposed dates for the congress
  • Location of the conference, description of facilities incl. information about e.g. translation if needed
  • Proposed detailed budget for the congress, including information about financial (OR funding) sources (e.g., donors, sponsors, funders, etc.)
  • Registrations fees, and the proposed reduced rates for ISCMR members
  • Brief description of cooperating partners
  • Identify and outline the role of ISCMR in the planning and running of the congress as per the Responsibilities section, above
  • A general timeline of events leading up to the congress, indicating key deadlines


Application deadline: March 31, 2019

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2. ISCMR Chapter Updates


ISCMR proudly announces the formation of its Chinese chapter. The chapter aims to increase understanding of the development and dissemination of new knowledge regarding TCAIM in China, and to promote academic exchange and research collaboration within ISCMR. Dr. Darong Wu of the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine will serve as Chair and Dr. Yutong Fei, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, will serve as Vice Chair of the Chinese chapter. 

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3. ISCMR Commitee Updates


Interested in joining the ISCMR Board of Directors?


There are some openings coming up on the Board of Directors (BOD) and the BOD’s Executive Committee in May 2019. Qualifications for election are in the bylaws: "A candidate for the position of Director must be a member with at least one year of active involvement with Society and be a person who has exhibited a clear understanding of, and commitment to, the Society’s purposes and philosophy." We encourage global representation on the BOD.


1: There are two positions coming open on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the principal group responsible for the implementation of the policies of the Society. The positions of President Elect and Treasurer are open to those with interest, BOD members, and general ISCMR members. The two Executive Committee members are elected on a two-year cycle, but serve on the BOD for three years, as do all other BOD members.


2: There may be one position coming open on the BOD, possibly more if current BOD members choose to run for Executive Committee positions.

We welcome your interest in joining the ISCMR BOD. Please submit your name and up to a page 2-page resumé or biography statement to secretary(at) by February 10, 2019

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4. Journal Special Issue Calls for Submission


The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine                                                                                                                   

JACM is now accepting submissions for an upcoming Special Focus Issue on Innovation in Group-Delivered Services. If you are writing a paper on this key area, please submit here.






Global Advances in Health and Medicine                                                                                                                                        

Global Advances in Health and Medicine is now accepting submissions for an upcoming Special Collection on Integrative Medicine for Chronic Pain Management. If you are writing a paper on this key area, please submit here





Global Advances in Health and Medicine                                                                                                                                         

Global Advances in Health and Medicine is now accepting submissions for an upcoming Special Collection on Ayurvedic Medicine's Role in Global Health. If you are writing a paper on this key area, please submit here.





Global Advances in Health and Medicine                                                                                                                                            

Global Advances in Health and Medicine is now accepting submissions for an upcoming Special Collection on Exercise, Physical Activity or Movement as a Body-Mind Approach for the Management of Chronic Disease. If you are writing a paper on this key area, please submit here.





Complementary Therapies in Medicine                                                                                                                                                

The Complementary Therapies in Medicine Journal’s Editorial Team is now accepting submissions for its  2019 and 2020 Virtual Special Issues (VSIs).




  New VSIs are for 2019 and 2020 include:


Guest Editor(s)

Deadline for Submission

Pediatric Pain and Sickle Cell Disease

Claudia Morris and Dennis Anheyer

30 June, 2019

Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Kenji Watanabe

30 June, 2019

Mental Health

Yutong Fei and Heidemarie Haller

30 June, 2019

Medical Marijuana

Misha Kogan and Leslie Mendoza Temple

30 June 2020


For MORE INFORMATION, please visit the journal website or contact CTIM Editor-in-Chief Kathi Kemper at Kathi.kemper(at)

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5. Academic Job Postings in the TCAIM field


In this place you will find academic job postings in the TCAIM field.

If you have vacancies in this area and would like to use the ISCMR network, please send us an email with your job advertisement to info(at)

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6. TCAIM Research Conference Announcements



Key Dates for the 14th International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research (ICCMR 2019) in Brisbane, Australia, approaching:

                                 Early Bird Registration Deadline EXTENDED until 14 Febuary 2019 11:59pm AEST













Registration now open!


For MORE INFORMATION about the 2019 ICCMR please read:

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #1

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #2

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #3

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #4

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #5

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #6

ICCMR 2019 E-Zine Issue #7

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7. Global Links to Developements in TCAIM


These Global Links typically feature governmental action, although with some exceptions. The links are provided via the Integrator Blog, John Weeks’ twice per month newsletter on the policy, business and organizational developments in integrative health and medicine. To sample other Integrator content or sign-up for the free newsletter, go to 


Myanmar Clauses deemed controversial by advocates have been removed from the Myanmar Traditional Medicine Council Law after a presidential intervention.
China has upgraded its only institute for Tibetan medicine to university status.
Dubai The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) unveiled the Visiting Doctor Licence service, which allows the visiting doctor to work for up to three medical establishments within the DHCC- with complementary and alternative medicine practitioners explicitly included.
Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has declared that traditional Maldivian medicine ‘Dhivehi-beys’ must be revived with modern resources and left to professionals in the field.
India The Cabinet has approved the setting up of the National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCIM) Bill, 2018, that provides for conducting overall education of traditional medicine systems of Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda, and Sowa-Rigpa.
United Kingdom A YouTube documentary is blasting Prince Charles for his support of alternative medicine.
Senegal An Integrator article explores former US Ambassador to the UN Andrew Young's close collaboration with PROMETRA and African traditional medicine proponents.

USA The Food and Drug Administration has announced it will now accept "real world" observational studies for effectiveness determinations.

Global Wellness The Global Wellness Institute - a group closely informed by multiple integrative leaders - has posted content from its recent summit.

Ghana The governmental Centre for Plant Medicine Research has "innaugurated new laboratories."

China The government is urging specific TCM medication to fight the flu.
Republic of Korea The Korean Medical Society is seeking to block their member from teaching at Korea's traditional medicine schools.
Spain Attacks against alternative medicine - acupuncture and homeopathy are ramping up with these claims of deaths.
Iran A report says 20 new centers for traditional medici9ne are under construction.
Bangladesh Traditional medicines are viewed as key in that nation's efforts for universal health coverage.
Israel is sanctioning 8 physicians, at least some of whom are homeopaths, for reportedly counseling their patients against vaccination.
Rwanda A leading daily is pushing the urgency of regulating traditional medicine practices.


Do you know of a development that merits sharing? Send noteworthy news and ideas for links to johnweeks(at)

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8. Other applications

Free INCAM webinar “Pragmatic Approaches to Study Wholistic Therapies”

The webinar is presented by Dr. Brenda Leung ND PhD on Feb 21, 2019 at 12pm ET.  

Brenda Leung, ND, PhD will discuss methodological approaches to clinical research (case study, n-of-1, whole system research, patient oriented research), and illustrate strategies to study nonpharmacological interventions in a pragmatic fashion using CCRF-funded pilot study investigating acupuncture for anxiety in children & adolescents as an example.

Brenda is Assistant Professor and Emmy Droog Chair in Complementary and Alternative Healthcare at the University of Lethbridge, adjunct professor at the University of Calgary, and Research Fellow at the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the University of Technology, Sydney

Attendees can register to attend this webinar at:


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