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ISCMR Scientific Article Prize

In line with ISCMR’s goal to encourage and support high quality research in the field of CAM and integrative health care, the ISCMR Executive and Board of Directors are very excited to announce the launch of the ISCMR Scientific Article Prize.

Establishing an annual award for the best scientific article in the field provides a way to highlight and share excellent research no matter where it was published. This kind of prize allows us to acknowledge the best research in the CAM/IHC field, and helps establish CAM/IHC as a legitimate area of research.

The ISCMR Scientific Article Prize includes:

  • $5000 CDN cash prize
  • Coverage of travel expenses and free registration to the ISCMR Congress where the article prize will be presented (not to exceed $5000 CDN in value)
  • 1 year free membership to ISCMR

The competition will be run for a minimum of five years, with the inaugural competition taking place in 2014. The competition will ideally be announced at the annual ISCMR Congress and information will be subsequently circulated via the ISCMR Newsletter. 

For 2018, submission deadline is November 30, 2018

Article Eligibility

The nominated article must meet the following criteria:

  • Clearly cover a topic related to CAM and/or Integrative Medicine/Health Care and/or Traditional Medicine Conducted in at least one of the following areas: research methodology, basic science, clinical practice, qualitative research, and/or health services research.
  • Published in an English peer reviewed journal.
  • The paper has not received any other publication-based awards.
  • A paper may only be nominated for the ISCMR Scientific Article Award once.
  • The paper must be published a maximum of two years prior to the year of the competition.

Final decisions regarding eligibility will be made by a Selection Committee.

Nomination of author(s)

  • Any author(s) of an article which meets the article eligibility criteria (above) may be nominated.
  • A nomination may only be put forward by an ISCMR member.
  • The nominee(s) do not have to be ISCMR members. ISCMR members may self-nominate.

Nominations are to be submitted by completing the ISCMR Scientific Article Prize Nomination Form

Submission of Nomination
A complete submission is to be emailed to the ISCMR Secretary:
A complete submission to nominate an article must include the following:

  • A completed ISCMR Scientific Article Prize Nomination Form
  • A pdf of the nominated article, with a clear indication of the article reference.
  • A statement describing why the article should be awarded the prize (maximum 500 words).
  • Biosketch (maximum 2 pages) of the lead author, and, if applicable, the senior authors.
  • Confirmation from the lead author that s/he is aware of the nomination Indication of who will attend the Congress to accept the prize if the paper is selected for the award.
  • Optional: Peer reviews of, or published comments about, the article.

Additional details about the ISCMR Scientific Article Prize are available in the following documents:

Standard Operating Procedure for the ISCMR Scientific Article Prize

The ISCMR Scientific Article Prize and competition is made possible through the generous support of theCanadian Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine