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Public: Member's Research Resources

One of our key goals as a network is to provide ISCMR members with a rich set of resources relevant to research.

In addition to the database of health outcomes of relevance to CAM and integrative medicine research and practice—the Outcomes Database—and the society's Special Interest Groups, members have access to the following research resources:

  • Where to publish CAM research
  • CAM research books (a listing)
  • Where to find CAM research funding, and current opportunities, including a funding competitions administered by the Canadian chapter of ISCMR (IN-CAM) and the Centre for Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto: the Canadian CAM Research Fund (CCRF). The 2017 CCRF compettion is now open
  • Funding for graduate students interested in CAM
  • CAM research training programs (beyond the general ones listed under "Congresses and Symposia"
  • Research training positions (graduate & postgraduate)
  • Upcoming CAM research conferences around the world (a listing)
  • Journal agreements: ISCMR has agreements with Journals for reduced access costs

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