Researchers of Traditional, Complementary, Alternative, & Integrative Medicine and Health

ISCMR is an international multidisciplinary scientific organization established to foster the development and dissemination of new knowledge regarding whole person healing and whole systems healthcare research, including all traditional, holistic, alternative, complementary and integrative forms of medicine (TCAIM). It provides a platform for knowledge and information exchange of TCAIM research to enhance international communication and collaboration.

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INCAM Research Sympsium 2018
(Canadian Chapter)

November 9-10, 2018, Montréal, Canada


ICCMR 2019 in Brisbane, AU
May 7 – 10

Member News

The ISCMR Scientific Article Prize 2018

Start preparing your application now.  Find the guidelines (standard operating procedure) and application form on the ISCMR website. The competition closes November 30th, 2018. 

In line with ISCMR's goal to encourage and support high quality research in the field of CAM, and integrative medicine/health care, ISCMR has initiated a Scientific Article Prize Competition, made possible through the generous support of the Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Foundation, located in Canada.

The ISCMR Scientific Article Prize will include the following:

  • $5000 CDN cash prize
  • Coverage of travel expenses and free registration to the ISCMR Congress where the article prize will be presented (not to exceed $5000 CDN in value)
  • 1 year free membership to ISCMR

Any author(s) of an article meeting the submission eligibility criteria may be nominated. A nomination(s) may only be put forward by an ISCMR member. The nominee(s) do not have to be ISCMR members. ISCMR members may also self-nominate.

The nominated article must meet the following criteria:

  1. Clearly cover a topic related to CAM and/or Integrative Medicine/Health Care and/or Traditional Medicine
  2. Conducted in at least one of the following areas: research methodology, basic science, clinical practice, qualitative research, and/or health services research
  3. Published in an English peer reviewed journal
  4. The paper has not received any other publication-based awards
  5. A paper may only be nominated for the ISCMR Scientific Article Award once
  6. The paper must be published a maximum two years prior to the year of the competition
Board of Director Elections:

We would like to welcome:

Dr. Jennifer Hunter, Australia, Dr. Vincent Chung, Hong Kong, China, and Myeong Soo Lee, South Korea to the Board of Directors. 


Many thanks to outgoing Directors Dr. Lynda Balneaves (BOD and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee), Dr. Antony Porcino (BOD / Executive Committee Secretary; Chair: Bylaws Working Group, Communications Committee; Co-Chair: Strategic Planning Working Group, Nomininations Committee; Ongoing: Registration Representative, website manager), and Dr. Kenji Watanabe (BOD).


Bylaws amendments.

All three bylaws amendments were accepted (members can find the details in the AGM Agenda and voting package under "meeting documents".
A summary of the bylaw changes:

1) New Chapters must have a developed organizational/society structure in place for a Chapter application

2) Members can request to join an existing Chapter if one does not exist in their region

3) in absentia voting will close 72 hours before the AGM


The Tagline was accepted as: Researchers of Traditional, Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine and Health

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Chapters being formed:
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