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Honey and Cancer: A Mechanistic Review

Globally, cancer ranks among the most common causes of death. Multiple experimental and clinical studies have investigated anticancer effects of honey with promising results. This study focused on potential background mechanisms of this effect. Read more here.

Acupuncture for Treatment of Insomnia: An Overview of Systematic Reviews

To evaluate the reliability of the methodological quality and outcome measures of systematic review (SR) /meta-analysis (MA) of acupuncture for insomnia. Read more here.

Factors that Influence Patients’ Decisions to Discontinue with an Acupuncture Service—A Qualitative Study

The Gateway Clinic in London has been an acupuncture service funded to manage NHS general practice referrals since 1990. Patients are referred by their general practitioners for a course of up to 10 treatments. However, as many as 40% of patients fail to complete the course. This qualitative study aimed to identify patients who had discontinued treatment and explored the factors that influenced their decision to discontinue. Read more here.

Acupuncture for Symptomatic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis, a state of delayed gastric emptying in the absence of mechanical obstruction of the stomach, has a substantial impact on people's daily function and quality of life when symptomatic. Current treatment options are based on limited evidence of benefits. Acupuncture is widely used to manage gastrointestinal disorders, although its role in people with symptomatic gastroparesis is unclear. We therefore undertook a systematic review of the evidence. Read more here.

Chiropractors’ Views on the Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in Clinical Practice: A Qualitative Study

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are widely available for use in musculoskeletal care. However, there is little research exploring the implementation of PROMs in clinical practice. This qualitative study explored chiropractors’ views on PROMs to identify any barriers and facilitators to implementing PROMs in chiropractic care and the training needs of chiropractors regarding the use of PROMs. Read more here.

Fire Needling for Herpes Zoster: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials

To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of fire needling for herpes zoster from randomized clinical trials (RCTs). Read more here.

Effects of Mind‐Body Exercises on Cognitive Function in Older Adults: A Meta‐Analysis

Mind‐body exercise has positive effects on cognitive performance, according to clinical observation and experts’ recommendations. However, its potential benefits for the cognitive function of aging adults are uncertain and still lack systematic estimations. Therefore, we conducted a systematic review and meta‐analysis to evaluate the overall efficacy and effectiveness of mind‐body exercises for cognitive performance in aging individuals with or without cognitive impairment. Read more here.

Integrative Herbal Medicine for Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Hand-Foot Syndrome in Colorectal Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

To assess the clinical evidence for integrative herbal medicine therapy in the management of chemotherapyinduced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) and hand-foot syndrome (HFS) resulting from treatments for colorectal cancer (CRC). Read more here.

Adherence to a Mindfulness and Relaxation Self-Care App for Cancer Patients: Mixed-Methods Feasibility Study

Cancer is highly prevalent worldwide and can cause high levels of distress in patients, which is often neglected in medical care. Smartphone apps are readily available and therefore seem promising to deliver distress-reducing interventions such as mindfulness and relaxation programs. Read more here.

Exploring the Mechanism of Danshen against Myelofibrosis by Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking

Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge), a natural powerful drug for various conditions treatment, has traditionally been used in Asian countries for centuries as anticancer agent, anti-inflammatory agent, and antioxidant. More recently, it is explored in combination with other herbs for skeletal diseases therapy; bone-targeting compounds with pharmacological activities have been isolated from various sources of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including Danshen. Read more here.