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Acupuncture for Infertile Women without Undergoing Assisted Reproductive techniques (ART): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Acupuncture is widely used for infertile women without undergoing assisted reproductive techniques (ART) in China but its effect is unclear. We aim to assess whether acupuncture and its combined therapy exert a positive influence on the outcome of female fertility. Read more here.

Pharmacy Employees’ Involvement in Safeguarding Persons with Dementia Who Use Dietary Supplements: Results from a Survey of Norwegian Pharmacies

Community-dwelling persons with dementia commonly use dietary supplements (DS), often without receiving help with the administration. Patient safety is a concern, as DS-drug interactions and adverse events are potential complications. Since many persons with dementia buy their DS in pharmacies, we investigated Norwegian pharmacy employees’ attitudes and professional practice behaviors related to DS. Read more here.

Safety, Effectiveness, and Economic Evaluation of an Herbal Medicine, Ukgansangajinpibanha Granule, in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Study Protocol for a Prospective, Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by continuous impairment in communication and social interaction and by limited and repetitive behaviors, interests, or activities. Behavioral, educational, and pharmaceutical interventions have been shown to reduce behavioral disabilities, improve verbal/non-verbal communication, and help patients acquire self-reliance skills. However, there has been a lack of systematic verification and consensus regarding the treatment of the core symptoms of ASD because of its unclear etiology.

Safety and Efficacy of the C-117 Formula for Vulnerable Carotid Artery Plaques (Spchim): A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Pilot Study

To investigate the safety and efficacy of the Herbal Medicine C-117 (C-117) formula in the treatment of carotid atherosclerotic vulnerable plaques. Read more here.

The Utilization of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Taiwan: An Internet Survey Using an Adapted Version of the International Questionnaire (I-CAM-Q)

In Taiwan, numerous studies have been conducted to investigate the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). However, most of them focused on specific diseases or the use of particular methods. Therefore, the results of those studies were quite different and difficult to compare with those of studies from other countries. The International CAM Questionnaire (I-CAM-Q), meanwhile, is a unified tool that can provide comparable results for studies conducted worldwide.

Eldecalcitol, an Active Vitamin D Analog, Effectively Prevents Cyclophosphamide‑Induced Osteoporosis in Rats

Cyclophosphamide (CTX) as an alkylating agent is used for treating a range of tumor types and allergic diseases. However, high‑dose application may induce rapid bone loss and increase the risk of osteoporotic fractures. Read more here.

Efficacy of Daikenchuto, a Traditional Japanese Kampo Medicine, For Postoperative Intestinal Dysfunction in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancers: Meta-Analysis

The Japan Society for Oriental Medicine makes a compilation of structured abstracts of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of Kampo medicines available on its Evidence Reports of Kampo Treatment (EKAT) website. Read more here.

A Comparison of the Effects of Electroacupuncture Vs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Pain Control in Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis (KOA), the most common type of osteoarthritis, is a chronic degenerative joint disease accompanied by pain and functional limitation for the elderly. The 2 nonpharmacologic approaches, electroacupuncture (EA) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), are considered beneficial in relieving KOA pain, however, the current conclusions are controversial. Furthermore, no direct or indirect meta-analyses between EA and TENS have been reported for the pain relief of KOA patients.

Curcumin Prevents Renal Dysfunction, Proteinaceous and Granular Cast Formation in Tubular Lumen in Kidney of Mice Exposed to Formaldehyde Inhalation

Formaldehyde is a volatile chemical compound that is commonly used in the chemical industry. Formaldehyde inhalation exposure has been associated with cancer, respiratory diseases, digestive and neurological disorders. Oxidative stress is one of the potential mechanisms by which formaldehyde inhalation induces toxicity. Curcumin is a natural compound endowed with antioxidant properties and my thus prevent formaldehyde-induced toxicity.

Development and Validation of the Perioperative Recovery Scale for Integrative Medicine

This study develops and validates a scale for perioperative recovery with integrative medicine. It is acceptable for patients in the perioperative period undergoing treatment by either Chinese or integrative medicine, and has good psychometric properties. Read more here.