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Linking individuals
Disseminating information.
Fostering quality research in homeopathic medicine.


Who we are:
The Homeopathy SIG is a place for individuals seeking guidance, support, and resources in the area of homeopathic medicine research in Canada. Homeopathic medicine has a rich history of scientific endeavour and the global homeopathic research community is pursuing active research in all areas related to homeopathic medicine. 

  • INCAM's Homeopathy SIG is Canada’s portal into that global community.
  • Homeopathy SIG members are health care practitioners, researchers, industry, policy makers, funders and the patient/consumer population.

Our goals are to:

  • Facilitate high quality, scientific, Canadian research in homeopathic medicine
  • Encourage homeopaths to develop research skills
  • Provide academic and medical researchers with resources to conduct quality research in homeopathy
  • Build partnerships amongst the stakeholders in homeopathic medicine research

The activities we engage in:

  • Publish homeopathy research related news and events via ISCMR
  • Provide information and support for individuals interested in homeopathy research
  • Hosts a bi-annual research forum, highlighting work in the field of homeopathic medicine research
  • Creates connections with the global homeopathic research community


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